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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

wherever you are, you will be my good firend forever

Today is ceremony and it’s a last day in the semester. We were in the Maryland Room in Marie Mount Hall to celebrate our accomplishment and got certificate. After ceremony I went to eat lunch with Sunghy, Hyosung, Seyoung, Joonmee, and other two 004C students who are Korean too in Adele’s. Maybe today is the last day I can meet all of them because maybe I will transfer to another school. After we ate lunch Sunghye had to go home first because she hasn’t finished her packing. Therefore when Sunghye saied good bye to me she was crying and she made me cried. That time we were so sad. I wish when she come back USA we will meet again. ><


Blogger Nina Liakos said...

Living in a foreign country is challenging and difficult. It can also be a time for meeting friends that you will never forget! I still treasure the friendships I made when I lived in France in the 1970s. Today's technology makes it easier than ever to maintain long-distance relationships. I hope that you and your MEI friends will stay friends for a long time. :-)

8:53 AM  

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