Cindy's Life in U.S.

This is my second time live in U.S. but this blog is my first blog in English and I will post a lot of things in my U.S. life

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Happy Time

Recently, I have a lot of good time with my friends.

First: I have a lot of opportunities to practice English
Recently, I am very happy because I have a lot of opportunities to practice English. Actually I like learning English, especially speaking. This week, my friends who were my most close friends in the UM were absent a lot. Therefore, I ate lunch with another classmate who is also Korean but she is a professor of English in Korea. I really enjoy talking to her because I’m not only can practice speaking but also can learn grammar and vocabulary from her. So, recently I’m really really really happy. ^^

Second: I had a good time with Tiffany and Kevin
Yesterday, I had a dinner with Tiffany and Kevin. That was my first time hang out with them. I have known Tiffany for six months but I have known Kevin only for three weeks. They are very nice person and good friends. I really enjoy having a dinner and shopping with them.We went to Chinese restaurant because Kevin didn’t know a lot of Chinese restaurants in Rockville. We ate a lot of foods but the bill is not expensive. ^^ After dinner, we went to Montgomery mall because he said he had never been there. That’s why we decided to go there. We didn’t buy any stuff but we really had a good time for shopping and talking in the mall.

Anyway, I just wanna say “today, I really had a good time with you guys” ^^

Thursday, February 15, 2007

My first snowman

I am so happy that we don’t have class today. This is the first time I do not class because the snow in my life. In Taiwan, we don’t have snow therefore we don’t have this kind of reason for no class. I love snow because it make world seems very beautiful as white world.

This afternoon, my aunt, cousin, and I cleaned the snow. That was my first time cleaned the snow and I was very exciting. ^^ It’s also a good exercise because it’s a very hard work. After we cleaned the snow, my cousin and I made a snowman. That was also my first time made snowman. Although it looks not very good (maybe a little funny), I still had a lot of fun to make it. ^^

Sunday, February 11, 2007


This semester is a challenge for me, especially writing and discussion. In this semester, I have to write five paragraphs in each essay. It’s really hard for me but it also good for me. Sometimes challenge is good way to push me study harder and harder. I also have a lot of discussions in the both classes. Sometimes I’m really afraid in discussion because I don’t know what I should say. I love my listening and speaking class a lot because Amy (my L/S teacher) always gives us very tight schedule in the class. Therefore, I have learned a lot in L/S class. Anyway, I hope I will improve a lot when the semester ends. ^^