Cindy's Life in U.S.

This is my second time live in U.S. but this blog is my first blog in English and I will post a lot of things in my U.S. life

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Short trip in New York and DC

Last weekend I went to New York with Tiffany, Hsing Hong and Scott. We went there by car and we spent four hours to get there. That was my third time went to New York in my life but it was first time for this year. There are so many people in New York and everybody is hurrying. I don’t understand why they are so hurrying and what they are hurrying; therefore, I was so curious about that and that was also my first impression for New York.

We went to Brinkley Bridge, Chinatown, World Trade Center, Time Square and Outlet that nearby New York. When I went to World Trade Center, I felt so sad. There were so many pictures in there and one guy was playing so sad music. I couldn’t image if I were in the Twin Tower on 911 I did not now what I would do. I think 911 was a really sad disaster for USA especially for people who live in New York. Another impression for New York is the subway is so dirty; I think the reason for it is because the subway has built for long time. Besides, New York still is a good place for trip.

Today, I went to DC to see parade with Tiffany, Jennifer, her son and her husband. This was my first time went to Cherry Blossom Festival in DC and saw parade of USA. There were so many people watching parade; therefore it was so crowd. The parade in USA is so different from Taiwan. I can not compare which one is better because each one have their characteristic.

I love these two trips because they are new experiences for me during I live in USA. ^^